alba provides research and consultancy to the public and third sector

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Welcome to Alba

Alba provides research and consultancy to the public and third sector. We are practical in our approach and committed to producing work that can be used to guide and develop policy and services.

Alba is motivated by some core principles: we operate with integrity; are committed to producing useful results; provide value for money; and enjoy collaboration. We get satisfaction from working on projects that make a difference to the quality of people’s lives, in particular those living and working in disadvantaged and diverse communities.

Alba is led by Julia Stafford, an experienced researcher and consultant who draws on over 20 years' experience of managing and delivering high quality services. On this website you will find more about the services we provide and how we work.


Alba's partners and projects

Alba is an approved provider for the Young Foundation Communities Can pilot project, which aims to test new ways of developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of small, informal community groups and to develop an evidence base about ‘what works’ in building their influence in the area and more widely.

Alba works in partnership with ABIC, a consultancy based in the West Midlands, to deliver management support and consultancy to VCS organisations, primarily across the midlands, south and west of England.

Through an experienced partner, Alba can introduce the use of Insights Discovery to provide information on team members' strengths and weaknesses, communication style, and their value to the organisation. Individuals are provided with a report that includes suggestions for development, and members can share their results to bring about closer team working. For more information contact .